Organic, traditional and special balsamic vinegar

We all have a bottle of balsamic vinegar in our kitchen closets as it's essential to dress a salad, a starter or a main dish. But not all balsamic vinegars are the same and next to the « traditional » ones, one can now find grands crus and organic cuvées. Certain products have a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) or DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status or have been awarded with medals during specific competitions. This being the case of the references that we propose in our online shop. These vinegars are prized for their quality and their flavors, they reflect the know-how of their producers who strictly follow the rules.

Sophisticated products in limited quantities

Following the olive oils, some balsamic vinegars also gained a grand cru status. The grapes are chosen with the greatest care for some small quantities produced each year. The ageing process may vary depending on the reference, some vinegars age in wooden barrels or in casks like wine. This process makes vinegar's taste more balanced, rich and strong. The preparation and fabrication process is longer which makes this product a luxury. Just some drops of these crus (often organic) are enough to bring out the flavors of your dish. They can dress pasta, meet, cheese, starters or even desserts. All the blends are possible, so it's up to you to dare and discover new tastes !

Our selection of the best crus

On our website you will find a selection of balsamic vinegar producers respecting the values that we hold so dear. For example, we suggest you the products of Giuseppe Giusti, those of Maison Leonardi as well as some organic cuvées. For each item you will find information on the process of fabrication, the ingredients, the ageing and some suggestions on how to enjoy it utterly. So if you want to discover this treasure of Italian gastronomy, hurry up to check our online offer and enjoy the exceptional products delivered in a neat packaging !