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Our website is specialized in the distribution of Grands Crus and offers a diverse selection of wines, but also gourmet food products and spirits. Each product, a symbol of a different French region, is exceptionally provided by growers committed to a total quality process, respecting the unique terroir expression.

All the wines on our website are produced in a very limited quantity. Thus, you have a chance to discover Domaines and Châteaux, unfamiliar to the general public, but appreciated by the experts with a reputation beyond our borders. We also ensure availability of other Crus, that enchanted us with their exceptional flavors and aromas, and will surely become the big stars of tomorrow.


A rigorous selection of Grands Crus


Each wine put up for sale on our website was carefully chosen by our team. We give privilege to Domaines and Châteaux that apply sustainable, organic and biodynamic wine making principles, but we also favor terroir-driven Maisons attached to the know-how of their region. This explains that fact that next to the wines with international reputation you will find less famous crus.

It is a matter of high importance for us to provide you with a large selection of varied Grands Crus of premium quality. Either classified or not, these wines express to the highest extent the know-how of our winemaking regions, such as Burgundy, Loire, Champagne, Alsace or the Rhone Valley.


Gourmet foods to pair with your wines


The main purpose of World Grands Crus is to provide you with the best wine and delicatessen references. In addition to the vintages from Domaines and Châteaux spread all across France, we also prepared a selection of some renowned gourmet deli products. You will thus find olive oil, balsamic vinegar and organic foie gras of Giuseppe Giusti, Frantoio Franci or even Sousa & Labourdette on our website. You also have the possibility to purchase spirits, such as whisky, rum and Chartreuse. Lovers of high-end gastronomy, rare food and wines, hurry up to discover our online catalogue !

And as Salvador Dali put it so well : « He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savors secrets » ..

Best Fine french wines and Organic Foie Gras, Olive oil, Delicatessen - WORLD GRANDS CRUS

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