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Clos Rougeard, an iconic wine estate of the Loire Valley

For several generations already, Clos Rougeard belongs to Foucault family that brings to the fore its passion and its will to produce high quality red wines of the Loire Valley, like their Saumur-Champigny. By means of hard work and organic wine making, their products are able to compete with the most famous Bordeaux wines. By the way, during the auction, the prices for wines of this historic estate soar. Situated in Chacé, between Tours and Angers, this appellation has earned a solid reputation for decades. White wines are also produced here, like Brézé, a vintage with high reputation in France, as well as in other countries around the globe.

A family of vine growers committed to organic wine making

No artificial fertilizers, no yeasts and no enzymes are used in the Clos Rougeard vineyards. Spread over 10 hectares, the vines are though not treated with weedkiller. Since the 70s, Foucault brothers have decided to engage in organic farming. Numerous vine growers followed their example. Famous for their exceptional organic wines, they perpetuate the ancient know-how, which allows the old vines like Le Bourg and Poyeux to express to a full extent the complexity of their terroir. The wine making is simple, without oenological intervention in order to produce fine and concentrated vintages. They also set themselves apart by their texture and complexity. An incomparable product of the Loire Valley.

Saumur Champigny appellation, an iconic reference

Since the beginning, Foucault brothers wanted to preserve family traditions by applying the piecemeal approach. And the decease of one of them in December 2015 did not change the principles of the other. We have to say that it's partially the organic wine making principle that contributed to the notoriety of Clos Rougeard estate. The four vintages are renowned for their flavors and outstanding quality. For Saumur-Champigny there is Le Clos, Les Poyeux, Le Bourg, and for the white ones, Brézé, for Saumur appellations. You can find these Crus on our website as we have several vintages available.