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Unique and luxurious whiskies

While the origins of this spirit remain a mystery – according to some sources they are Scottish, according to the others – Irish, the reputation of whisky is global. Indeed, whisky comes as one must-have after-dinner liqueur that can be found in all the greatest cellars. And the selection is vast nowadays as whisky is produced on Scottish and Irish lands but also in Japan, Canada and France. Each distillery has its own know-how and there's something for every taste. Our website offers a cutting-edge selection of premium and exceptional brands in limited quantities.

Discover the top brand spirits !

Hibiki, Yamazaki, Mackmyra ... these names are well-known by the whisky enthusiasts. Respected in the whole world for the quality of their products, these brands are available on our online boutique. We've selected some outstanding references of each Maison. Due to the fact that the quantities produced are limited, most references are rare on the market and sometimes really difficult to find. Our team has prepared for you a fine selection of bottles, each of them is a symbol of heritage and an expression of a traditional craftsmanship. The flavor of each luxury spirit is unique, it may be fruity, floral, smoky, spicy, woody or even peaty.

Treat yourself with the best references in just a few clicks !

Committed to present outstanding spirit references, our team has chosen the greatest brands coming from Scotland, Ireland, Japan and United States. When making our choice we keep in mind these strict criterias : quality, method of production, respect of the values that we hold so dear and limited production especially. Even if you decide to purchase on our website with your eyes shut, be sure you’ll get a luxury pure whisky with a strong character and fruity aromas. And in case you want to make a perfect gift to your loved one, you will easily find the right bottle on our website.