Meet your expectations

The services offered
by World Grands Crus

World Grands Crus offers a diversified range of tailor-made services, carefully designed to meet the highest expectations of its most demanding customers.


Custom order

Discover a tailor-made experience by opting for a personalized order at World Grands Crus.

Whether you are looking for a prestigious vintage, your favorite, winery, or a specific amount of wine, rum or whisky, we are committed to meeting your expectations with superior quality service at the best price.

With our expertise and wide selection of products, find exactly what you are looking for and enjoy every moment of your wine or spirit experience.



Whether you are an event company looking to impress your customers or an individual planning an unforgettable evening such as a wedding, seminar or business dinner, World Grands Crus exceeds your expectations by offering you tailor-made solutions.

From private tastings to corporate events and intimate meetings, our dedicated team accompanies you every step of the way.

In addition, for an even more refined experience, an expert sommelier is at your disposal during your tasting evening, to guide you through a unique and memorable sensory journey.


Yacht Refueling

If you are the happy owner of a yacht or if you run a luxury yacht charter company, World Grands Crus offers an exceptional delivery service to meet your most demanding needs.

We understand the importance of excellence in every detail, which is why we are committed to ensuring the fast and reliable delivery of your fine wine orders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether your yacht is sailing on the French Riviera, in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean or in the exclusive ports of the region, our experienced team ensures that your supplies are delivered on time, wherever you are.

Enjoy the peace of mind and excellence of service offered by World Grands Crus to enrich every moment of your luxurious experience at sea.

Good advice

Restaurateurs, optimize your wine list with the expert advice of World Grands Crus. Benefit from our expertise in fine and rare wines to enrich your selection.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, discover emerging producers and exceptional wines at competitive prices, surprising your customers with unique finds. Enrich the gastronomic experience of your customers with exceptional wines and spirits, carefully selected by World Grands Crus


Purchase of cellars

World Grands Crus offers a wine and spirits cellar buyback service for individuals wishing to optimize their collection or make a quick liquid investment.

Our team of experts, with in-depth knowledge of the fine wine market, evaluates each bottle accurately, taking into account its rarity, state of conservation and market demand.

Whether you’re considering a few bottles or your entire collection, we offer a transparent and fair evaluation followed by a competitive offer.

With World Grands Crus, selling your wine cellar is a simple and secure process, allowing you to free up space and capitalize on the value of your wine investment.