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Bordeaux: a world-famous Grand Cru region

There's no doubt that this terroir is the most famous in the whole world ! Just this region alone tells the history of French wine-growing know-how. Speaking about its ancient origins, Bordeaux vineyard story began in the 1st century during the Gallo-Roman period. Besides, for many centuries wine trade was the main source of revenue for Bordeaux city. Nowadays, this region evokes Grand Crus,vintages and prestigious wine estates. During the International Exhibition held in Paris in 1855 a list of fine red wines and white wines of Bordeaux was created. This list, called « The Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855 », is still a reference notwithstanding the evolution of Bordeaux wine region. And next to these internationally renowned estates there are others, committed to organic vine growing culture and producing their fine wines. A wide range of diversified products with regular arrivals and cutting-edge selection that you can find in our online shop.

Bordeaux wine region characteristics

This South-Western territory is actually the largest French AOC vineyard as it occupies 119 000 hectares and consists of about sixty appellations. With its temperate oceanic climate, Bordeaux region is particularly suitable for vine growing. It is divided in five areas : Médoc, Graves, Rive-Droite, Sauternais and Entre-deux-Mers. Mostly red wines are produced on these lands (about 90%) but you can also find white wines, some rosé wines and even sparkling ones. For what concerns the grape varieties, we are talking about Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. For you to discover the different appellations of this wine area, our team has prepared a wide selection of grand crus, vintages, organic wines, AOC etc.

Our selection of organic, classified and vintage wines

Most of Bordeaux red, white and rosé wines are assembled from two to five grape varieties. Moreover, there are regional, sub-regional and communal appellations. This rich diversity is represented in our online shop. We are constantly adding new references to make sure you don't run out of variety when pampering yourself with grand crus, organic wines or vintages from the world-known château and estates of Bordeax region, sold by case, set or unit. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to have a preview on our arrivals and updates !