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Agnès Paquet, an estate in the heart of Burgundy

In this vineyard, everything started in the 1950s when Agnès Paquet's family acquired a plot in the Auxey-Duresses appellation in Burgundy. At that time, its surface area was 6 hectares. But it was under the impetus of the young woman, from 2001 onwards, that it was transformed. Indeed, after working for several years with neighboring winemakers, she decided to resume viticulture studies in order to succeed her parents who wanted to sell their plot. Then, gradually, she implemented a more traditional and sustainable vine cultivation method, favoring moderate yields and manual labor. Today, on her 8 hectares, she produces red, white, and sparkling wines.

A family farm covering 8 hectares

The current domain owes a lot to the work of Agnès Paquet and her determination to return to a classical vineyard culture, more respectful of the environment. Located in the heart of the Burgundy region, in the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, it spans several appellations: red and white Auxey-Duresses, Bourgogne, Pommard, Chassagne-Montrachet, and Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Perrières in particular. Even though this winery is quite young, it still stands out for the quality of its wines and its working methods. Chemical herbicides have been eliminated, yields are lower, and annual treatments are minimized. Similarly, everything in the vineyards is done by hand, from disbudding to leaf thinning to harvesting. In the end, this results in high-quality wines that respect the fruit and are characterized by their suppleness and freshness.

Wines produced with respect for the environment

In 2004, Agnès Paquet decided to no longer use herbicides. A choice that has proven to be successful since, more than 10 years later, it still bears fruit. This has also allowed her to offer wines that express all the taste of the terroir and have a strong identity. To this day, the estate produces whites and reds as well as sparkling wines that you can find on our website. Captivated by Agnès Paquet's commitment to sustainable viticulture, our team offers you a selection of the best vintages and cuvées from the estate. So don't wait any longer to discover them !