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Provence, the region of outstanding rosé wines and AOCs

Provence vineyards can be characterized with a mediterranean climate, its crystalline or limestone soils, its multiple grape varieties and an important area of 30 000 hectares in the middle of hills, valleys, mountains and on the seaside. The vineyards are surrounded by pine trees, olive trees, lavender fields and enjoy hot, sunny and windy (the famous mistral!) weather all year long, still being a victim of violent rains during certain periods of the year. And even if rosé wines are the most famous among Provence wines, you can also find here some dry white and red pearls. Moreover, there are numerous AOCs and some high standard wine producers with excellent reputation.

Particularities of Provence vineyards

There are diverse types of soils, reliefs and lands in this region. However two major zones can be distinguished : the first one on the West and on the North with scrubland environment ; the second one on the East, facing the sea, with hills and bushes. But at certain spots you can even find volcanic rocks. But it's the soil that makes a real difference. It is often poor, shallow and humid, which seems to be particularly appreciated by the vines. And even if Provence wine history is similar to the Rhône river history, it is quite different in numerous aspects. It goes back to a distant era (600 BC), but the vines mainly evolved between the V and the XII centuries thanks to the monks. Unfortunately, at the end of the XIX century, the region was affected by phylloxera that devastated the vines. But Provence managed to bounce back and start a new era of wine production. These days, rosé wines stand along with dry white wines and high end red wines grouped under numerous AOCs.

Estates and châteaux highlighted by our experts

You can enjoy a rigorous selection of Provence wines on our website. Indeed, our team prioritizes wine makers with organic and reasonable production principles. That explains limited quantities. But quality remains a major advantage. Each Cru is a perfect expression of Provence terroir. You can certainly purchase high end rosé wines and iconic AOCs such as Côtes-de-Provence and Bandol, but you will also find dry white wines and some reds according to arrivals. Don't wait anymore and rush to discover our online wine selection with delicate sense of Southern France !