List of products of Antoine Sanzay

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Domaine Antoine Sanzay wines are a steadily growing value that we have the pleasure to introduce you to.

Antoine Sanzay products on its limestone clay soils Varrains beautiful white Saumur and Saumur Champigny.

While the grandfather of Antoine Sanzay is surprised to see his little son regrow its lands as before WW2. It is certain that he would be captivated by Antoine Sanzay latest vintages that show more and more accuracy in the expression of fruit while preserving the balance, always a central notion in productions of Antoine Sanzay .

What we have here is a truly talented young winemaker. It does not come as a surprise as we dive in the closed circle of the Great Loire, where stunning estates and châteaux such as the Clos Rougeard are to be experienced.  

Today, only a small part of the Antoine Sanzay production is currently marketed in bottles. As a rarity and curiosity merchant, we are very proud to be able to propose it to you.