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Our catalogue of rare, old and prestigious rums

This spirit, made of sugarcane, was created in the 17th century in the Caribbean. Either agricultural or traditional, it can be produced in different ways. There are multiple regions and countries producing rum. Among them, there's Mauritius, Martinique, Reunion Islands, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Guatemala and many others. But one thing is certain : you can make delicious cocktails, based on rum,or just consume it straight if you prefer. Our website has a meticulous selection of rare, old rums from the best brands in the world.

A spirit with exotic notes

Each rum is different. But the production steps are always the same : fermentation, distillation, blending and ageing. The ancient origins of rum date back to the 17th century. The rum is made of sugar cane but the recipes may vary depending on the region, tradition, brand or distillery. Two main categories can be distinguished : « traditional rums » distilled from molasses and « agricultural rums » made of freshly pressed cane juice. But then, there are some quite rare vintaged spirits that delight the amateurs of exceptional beverages.

Brands and references selected by our experts

In just a few clicks you can order on our website the best spirits available on the market. Be sure we have chosen the top brands in order to propose rare, old and prestigious rums able to enchant the taste buds of the most demanding clients. You will find, in particular, Don Papa 10 years, different vintages of Caroni (1982, 1985 and 1993 for example), Diamond, Port Mourant, El Dorado and Samaroli. The quantities are limited but we are constantly working to add new references and spirits to our online selection. Please contact our team in case you have any questions, we are here to help you ! And if a certain product is not available, please contact us and subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of the next restocking.