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Arnaud Ente, confidential production of high demand

The area of this estate is small - 4 hectares only, but its reputation is huge ! As a matter of fact, as time goes by, it gains a foothold in Burgundy amongst the most famous wine estates. It's Arnaud Ente to head this business, a wine maker committed to a total quality process, growing vines with passion, together with his wife, Marie-Odile and two employees. This ambitious man decided to take over the vineyards of his in-laws in 1992 in order to produce Meursault wines in his own way. Being a perfectionist, he works in his vines with rigor and precision. Therefore, nothing is left to chance, especially the grape harvest ! Famous for the white wines, he is hailed by the critics and the experts that highlight his hard work and high quality of his products.

A Burgundy wine estate on the ascent

In 2012, the Bettane et Desseauve guide awarded the title « Man of the year » to Arnaud Ente . Since then, his notoriety continued to grow and his name is often pronounced by great wine amateurs. However, Arnaud Ente has only produced a few vintages to gain such a reputation. Guided by a wish to find purity and tension for his wines, he spends his time by the 40 000 Chardonnay vine plants of his estate. For what concerns wine making, he respects the Burgundy tradition. He's often the first to harvest, but always at a right time, when his grapes have reached the perfect maturity. This method, his know-how and his stringency make him stand out from the crowd and brand himself as one of the greatest wine makers of Côte de Beaune and Meursault.

A wine selection to be discovered on our website

Arnaud Ente made us realize that the size of your wine estate is not of great importance, but it's the hard work of a wine maker that matters. His wines are precise, dense and full of aromas. At the palette, these wines are fresh, dynamic, of great fullness. The experts were not mistaking when greeting and honoring them. These confidential wines are increasingly sought. This is why we are so proud to give you an opportunity to purchase some bottles of his best vintages, such as Mersault 2011 or Clos des Ambres in our shop. If you are looking for a white wine full of character, take your time and discover the Domaine Arnaud Ente Crus !