List of products of Zind Humbrecht

Zind Humbrecht was the first french domain whose wine earned the prestigious title of Master of Wine !

The Zind Humbrecht Domain - was created in 1959 and operates 40 hectares of vineyards today. Winemakers from father to son since 1620, the Humbrecht family grows grapes in the great terroirs of Alsace.

Converted to biodynamic farming since 1997, the domain now produces some of the most complex and the most successful wines of Alsace. The expression of the soil, through the characteristics of grape varieties of Alsace, is reinforced by the culture of the vine according to the principles of biodynamics and a respectful vinification of the work in the French vignoble. First to obtain the prestigious title of Master of wine, Olivier believes you need to have a beautiful grape : "do not feed the grape but the ground" he often says. Because it brings more vigorous fermentations, it preserves best the yeasts on the grapes and wines are indeed more stable.