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Domaine Eric Morgat : wines with an enchanting aromatic complexity

Eric Morgat grew up in vines, so to speak, for his family has been cultivating Anjou terroirs for more than two centuries now. However, in 1995, aged 25, he decided to go it alone and create his own Domaine named after him. Today, he’s the proud owner of a 6 hectares vineyard planted in Chenin and listed on appellations Savennières and Anjou. He produces very delicate high-end wines that fully express his love and respect of the environment and terroir. Giving privilege to manual grapes picking, he chose to commit to organic viticulture. His hard work on his natural wines allowed him to become essential and one must-taste in the region. A handsome reward for this meticulous and perfectionist winemaker who is also deeply attached to his roots.

A Domaine created from scratch in 1995

Eric Morgat created his own domaine in Savennières about twenty years ago. He purchased abandoned wastelands and parcels to fulfil his thirst for adventure, while remaining in Anjou on the family land. And he’s not looking for easy since he chose the very best terroirs, which are also the most difficult ones to work and cultivate. He decided to adopt organic farming as well, by banning chemical and treating soils and vines naturally. The yields are controlled and wines are aged in oak barrels during 22 months in the cellar. In the Domaine Eric Morgat, Chenin reigns supreme which allows him to produce Savennières and Anjou AOC wines.

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It takes three years to Eric Morgat to produce his wines : one year within the vines and two years in the cellar. Then, it will be about five to six years before the terroir takes over to express its mind-blowing minerality. This results in a great delicacy, precision and authenticity. One meticulous work we’re glad to make you discover on our online boutique through several cuvées from this Domaine such as Fidès Savennières 2013 and 2014 bottles. Other wines can also be available on our webstore, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the latest receipts ! And if you need help when it comes to make a decision, contact us immediately. We’re at your disposal and attentive to your wants and needs.