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Domaine Comte Liger Belair produces among the most famous wines in the world, including the very famous Grand Cru Romanée, a wine of undeniable grace. Wine critics gave it the average mark of 96/100 !

The domain is very recent since created in the early 2000 by Viscount Louis Michel Liger Belair, agriculture engineer and oenologist ; in order to exploit some vines that were left in possession of his family. Indeed this is actually a very old domain because it contains more than 200 years of family tradition in the service of the vine, wine of Burgundy and especially Vosne-Romanée.

Domaine Comte Liger Belair consists of 12 appellations distributed in the communes of Vosne-Romanée and Flagey, Echezeaux and Nuits Saint Georges.

Labor Vines :
The vineyards are plowed the old way, by horse : the main advantage of using the horse is limiting soil compaction. The problem of settlement being determined in part, the Count decided to address biological control and the volume of copper made in the vineyard. In fact, copper has a toxic effect on soil life, and it is important to reduce this volume. The Liger Belair domain is tending to biological control, especially on end of season treatment. New formulations of biologics are used to reduce the concentration of copper, allowing Louis-Michel Liger Belair to consider moving in biological control in the years to come.

Winemaking :
For Louis-Michel Liger Belair wine quality is belonging to the vine for 95%, the remaining 5% is not a recipe but applying some simple principles and dose of intuition and understanding of each vintage. The grapes are harvested and transported quickly to the winery in small boxes of 14 kilos maxi perforated, in order to avoid crushing the grapes. Then the grapes are manually sorted on arrival in the winery on a sorting table by a team of 8 sorters and are picked off in full and sent in tanks by conveyor belts. Grape integrity is well respected because it is never pumped nor kneaded.