Balsamic Vinegar – Traditional Affinato by Giuseppe Giusti, 100ml

Balsamic Vinegar – Traditional Affinato by Giuseppe Giusti, 100ml

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Giuseppe Giusti – Traditional Affinato, 100ml

The Traditional Affinato from Giuseppe Giusti isan excellent balsamic vinegar made in Modena, DOP, drawn in a few units every year from a unique series of barrels, owned by the Giusti family for generations. It can be used in drops as an elixir. Smooth and delicate, extraordinarily complex, full bodied, it offers a rich and harmonious crescendo of flavours.


Best cooked grapes of Trebbiano and Lambrusco.


At least 12 years in series of casks of decreasing capacity and different wood types, according to the method of “decanting and refilling”. A few units are drawn only on request, directly from a family member, from the last and smallest cask.

Serving suggestions

Just in drops, to complement many recipe as Parmesan cheese, grilled shellfish, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. To be savoured alone, in drops, on a ceramic spoon, at the end of a meal.