Organic foie gras without force-feeding

A tradition for some, and a barbaric practice for the others, the force-feeding is not uncontroversial anymore for the producers and the consumers. A new method of production without force-feeding while taking greater account of the natural cycle and the welfare of the geese appeared over the past few years. The method that gains more and more popularity as it allows to produce organic foie-gras of superior quality with authentic flavors. Of course the production is limited which makes this delicacy quite rare. You can discover this gourmet product, the one from Sousa & Labourdette, indispensable for the French Christmas festive dinners.

Ethical and gourmet product

This brand is the only one to produce organic foie gras without force-feeding. A strong commitment that makes Sousa & Labourdette differ from their competitors. Two men stand behind this brand, both passionate by the product and immensely respecting the nature. Together they own this organic company in Spain, in the village of Pallares in Estrémadure, where the geese walk freely, eating grass, acorns, olives, figs, lupins and organic corn. The two companions are committed to respect the nature and the life cycle of their birds. The geese live in the nature but are supervised by the founders of the brand, who control their welfare and protect them from the predators at night. They own some 500 hectares of land where the geese feed themselves without force-feeding. Foie gras production is ethical and in accordance with the European legislation on the animal welfare.

A new way to enjoy this traditional delicacy

With its organic foie gras without force-feeding, Sousa & Labordette prove that it is possible to produce this product without recurring to force-feeding and offering comfortable living conditions to the geese. And the quality is ensured, as this exceptional product is served for great occasions, for example during the White House dinners. The consistence, as well as the flavors are exquisite and are capable of surprising the most demanding clients ! In case you are interested in this product, please consult our online selection ! Our team is glad to propose you this delicious foie gras in limited quantities. If you have any questions, regarding the stocks or the product itself, please contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide any necessary assistance.